Mini Maggie System

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Mini Maggie System

Mini Maggie System


Put a 3.7i on your desk

We'll tell you right up front---The Mini Maggie System is NOT a practical "computer speaker". However, if you follow our specific setup procedures (see details below), you will agree with the press that this is "The World's Best Desk Top System".

Yes, the Mini Maggie System is essentially a 3.7i in miniature. No, it is NOT a "computer speaker." (And it wasn't made in China). The Mini Maggie System is the world's first full-range dipole speaker system that will sit on (and under) your desk. The Mini Maggie ("satellite") is essentially a miniaturized version of the 3.7i midrange and tweeter. The bass panel of the miniaturized 3.7i sits under your desk in the foot-well.

 The Mini Maggies are like all Magneplanars. They sound best when they have room to "breathe" on your desk. Give them room and you will be richly rewarded for your effort.

The short "modesty panel" acts as a baffle on top of the Bass Panel to increase bass. If you have prior experience with panel speakers, you know they will not produce bass if the panel is flat against a wall or solid surface. Dipole bass drivers sound best when they have an open space BEHIND the dipole speaker to "breathe". The photo below is an ideal scenario. Note that the rear wave of the Bass Panel plays into the room without impediment. And the top of the short front panel ("modesty panel") acts a bass baffle to reduce dipole cancellation and increase deep bass output. (Placing one side edge of the Bass Panel against a barrier accomplishes similar results.) Once you get the Bass Panel and Mini satellites to work together, you'll understand why it is hard to go back to dynamic woofers.

According to our marketing manager, the system below at our Pittsburgh dealer is the best-sounding Mini Maggie System he has heard. There is a pattern we have observed with all the best sounding Mini Maggie Systems. It is similar for all dipoles to get optimum sound--- More than 10 milli-seconds for the first reflections. Bass reinforcement from the boundary provided by the short "modesty" panel that allows the Bass Panel to operate in free space. And a good amplifier (see FAQ).

We want happy customers because referrals and word-of-mouth are our best form of advertising. We are confident if you hear the Mini Maggie System under the right conditions, you'll be impressed.

Setup instructions for optimum sound

  • All speakers sound best when they have plenty of room to "breathe". (Notice show reports how manufacturers place their speakers in the hotel rooms far from room boundaries.) The optimum amount of space is 10 milliseconds for the first reflection. Strive to get as close to the ideal as your room will allow. Because the Mini Maggie is a desk system does not negate the laws of physics.
  • Bass Panel operating in dipole manner with baffling as shown above.
  • Tweeters on the outside with 1 ohm resistors for attenuation due to near-field listening.
  • For better high frequency dispersion, tilt Mini back with rubber bumpers under speaker base.

No, it is not practical for some installations, but the Mini Maggie System is much like our 20.7---pushing the boundaries of music reproduction.

Small room monitor speaker

We are frequently asked if the Mini Maggie System can be used in lieu of one of our larger models. Yes, but we err on the side of caution. There is a good reason why line-source drivers are big. We suggest that you view the Mini Maggie System as a solution to a installation dilemma---especially well-suited for near-field listening in a VERY small room on speaker stands when used with two DWM Bass Panels. But, we don't want unhappy customers if it turns out that your particular installation or room acoustics are not compatible with a Mini Maggie System. "Buyer's remorse" is bad for business.

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