Magnepan MMG C

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Magnepan MMG C

Magnepan MMG C


The MMG C is a center channel addition to our 60-day, money-back guarantee MMG program. The Magneplanar MMG C employs a horizontal, curved planar tweeter/midrange. No dynamic woofers are employed. When used with the appropriate bass management system or bass augmentation, full-range Magneplanar performance can be achieved for the most critical part of your home theater system. In, John Potis writes, ..."The Magneplanar system is HDTV's sonic equivalent. What it does is highlight previously unnoticed ambient details that draw you into the experience to a whole new level"... "the level of detail I gleaned from the center-channel speaker was startling and revelatory."

Getting the most from your Maggie home theater

The system design and setup of a home theater system is more complicated than a 2-channel, music system. The level of expertise in getting the center channel done right is crucial since the center channel speaker does approximately 60% of the "heavy lifting" for movies. But, the task is often complicated by the available space, or lack of space, for the center channel speaker.

If there is any area where customers need assistance, it is help in getting the best center channel performance. Rooms and installations vary greatly which makes it impractical to give a simple set of guidelines or instructions. Call our 800 number and we will be happy to discuss your specific installation requirements.

No place for a center channel speaker?

The photo below is of a demonstration in a hotel during a Consumer Electronic Show. The on-wall model immediately flanking the video monitor provide a dual center channel array which can outperform a single center channel speaker.

A pair of our on-wall speakers achieves a center channel image in the same manner as a stereo system achieves a center image. By angling the speakers approximately 30 degrees to the wall, the center channel speaker on the left of the video monitor is on-axis with the viewer off to the right--- and consequently is louder than the center channel speaker on the right of the monitor (which is closer to the viewer). This "pulls" the audio image to the left and keeps the dialog centered on the screen better than point source speakers.

Finally, when the Magneplanar on-wall speaker is used with a flexible bass management system, a large, full-range Magneplanar sound in the middle can be achieved with our on-wall design. Once you have heard this concept, you won't be tempted to buy one of those sleek center channel speakers designed for flat panel video monitors.

And there is a bonus for those willing to install this unorthodox concept. In blind-fold testing, listeners found that center channel dialog and information was easier to understand with a "Maggie" dual center than with a conventional single center channel speaker. Extensive research on speech intelligibility is available on the internet.

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