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Congratulations on your purchase. The Magneplanar MMG W loudspeaker was conceived anddesigned for perfectionists. One of the most revealing loudspeakers made, it will provide outstanding music and home theater reproduction when used with high quality components. Due to the elegant simplicity and ruggedness of the design, the Magneplanar MMG W loudspeaker will give many years of trouble-free service.


Save all packaging. If you need to transport the speakers, they can be shipped safely only in theoriginal packaging. You may never have to ship your loudspeakers, but should the occasion arise,they should not be shipped in any packaging but the original. Should you discard it, you may purchasenew packaging from the factory.


The MMG W is a multi-channel speaker designed for front channel, side, or rear channel applications.The MMG W has a frequency response from 100Hz to 16kHz and is intended for use with a subwoofer. Set your processor or receiver to "small speaker" for the MMG W. Frequencies below 100Hz will be assigned to the subwoofer. The MMG W is designed to be placed next to a wall or cabinet. The boundary of a wall or cabinet is calculated in the MMG W design to achieve smooth frequency response to 100Hz.

In front and surround applications, the front of the diaphragm should be faced toward thelistener. The back of the diaphragm contains a wood crosspiece, the front does not.

Melted diaphragms are not covered under the speaker warranty.

Connect the (+) (red) output from your amplifier to the white wire (with red mark) on the MMG W, and(-) (black) of the amplifier to the all white wire on the MMG W. If the speaker wires are not routedthrough a wall or cabinet, "hide-a-cord" channels can be attached to the wall as shown below.

Figure 1

Figure 2

*NOTE: This dimension is for an average person sitting in an average chair. You should adjust thespeaker up or down for your height and seating. Ideally, your ears and the center of the speakershould be at the same level.


  1. Locate holes on stud or use hollow wall anchors as shown.
  2. Use level to check vertical alignment.
  3. Drill holes – 5/16" for hollow wall anchors or 3/32" for wood screws.
  4. Fasten brackets to wall as shown.
  5. Put rubber washer onto bottom bracket post.
  6. Install speaker by setting it on the bottom post while feeding wires through hollow center ofpost. Pull excess wire through lower bracket and set speaker on bottom post.
  7. Align hole in top of speaker with hole in top bracket and insert clevis pin.


The MMG W may be installed in an inverted position (if you wish to have the wires exit at the top ofthe speaker). Invert the brackets during installation. Since the pin may fall out in an inverted position, Magnepan will provide a special friction pin upon request.

  1. Front Channel Installation
    Typical side wall installation
    Typical cabinet installation

    The MMG W may be placed flat against the wall or cabinet when not in operation. In operation, thespeaker should be positioned as shown above.

  2. Front Wall Installation

    An installation on the front wall as shown above is best achieved with a rather wideplacement (approaching an equilateral triangle with the listener).

  3. Dual Center Channel Installation

    A dual mono center channel MMG W achieves a derived center channel image. When sitting tothe right, the left center channel speaker that is on axis with the listener is louder than the rightcenter channel speaker, thereby keeping the center channel image in the middle of the screen.

    For this type of installation, hook the 2 center channel MMG W's in series as shown below.

  4. Rear Channel Installation
    Typical rear channel installation

    More precise rear imaging can be achieved by increasing the angle and receiving moredirect radiation from the speaker. However, our experience is that a direct radiating surround speaker can be too precise in rear imaging, and the listener becomes aware of the sound coming from a speaker which ruins the holographic effect of surround sound.

    Ideally, the MMG W should be positioned about 24 inches from the floor, but may be installed as high as the ceiling, as shown below. It also shows an optional horizontal ceiling installation.

    The MMG W may also be installed on the rear walls, as shown below.


  • System Description: 1-Way Planar-Magnetic
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz to 16kHz (+/-) 5dB
  • Recommended Power: 40 to 1 SOW @8 Ohms. For further information, see FAQ
  • Sensitivity: 88dB/500Hz/2.83V
  • Impedance: 5 Ohms
  • Dimensions: 38-1/4" H X 10-1/4" WX 1" D
  • Shipping Weight: 22 Ibs.

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