Manual DWM

DWM and DW 1 Woofers

The Magneplanar DWM and DW 1 are dipole, thin-film, planar/magnetic woofers which are a derivative of the MG 20.1 DiPlanar woofer technology. The DWM and DW 1 can be driven simultaneously by multiple amplifiers (typically the front left and right channels) for use with "small" Magneplanars.

The term "subwoofer" means just that---they are designed for frequencies below the range of woofers (usually below 35-40 Hz). When used above 40Hz, audiophiles find the integration with the "fast" Magneplanars to be unsatisfactory. The DWM and DW 1 were designed for use with any of the "small" Maggies, such as the motorized MMC 2 on-wall speakers, to achieve a full-range Maggie sound.

The thin-film, planar/magnetic drivers for the DWM and the DW 1 are the same. The differences are in the applications. The DW 1 is a beautifully-crafted, modern Scandinavian coffee or end-table. Optional, glass top and bottoms can be added, if desired. In a modern decor, the DW 1 can virtually "disappear". As shown in the installation below with the motorized MMC 2, full-range Maggie sound can be achieved with a very "stealthy" system.

The DWM has two applications. It can be used simply as a panel woofer. Or the woofer panel, without the base, can be built into cabinetry or custom furniture as was installed in some of the rooms at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. For a virtual tour of Mandalay Bay, click on these links.

To see the home theater room---

To see the 2-channel system---

To read more about the DWM and DW 1, see the information and reviews on "Another Home Trial Offer" (INSTALL LINK)

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