Manual CC Speaker Stand

Magneplanar CC (Center Channel) Speaker Stand

Table of Contents

  1. General Description
  2. Carton Contents
  3. Packaging
  4. Installation and Adjustments
  5. Hookup
  6. Phasing and Processor Settings
  7. Bass Attenuation
  8. Service and Shipping
  9. Specifications

General Description

The Magneplanar CC Speaker Stand is both a speaker stand and a midbass/bass woofer to augment the low frequencies for Magneplanar center channel speakers. An internal crossover has a high pass filter for the Magneplanar center channel speaker. The woofer section of the CC Speaker Stand uses the same DiPlanar technology as the MG 20.1 bass driver.

Carton Contents

  • 1- Magneplanar CC Speaker Stand
  • 3- 1/4-20x1 inch Phillips screws
  • 4- 10-24x1-3/4 inch Foot bolts
  • 1- 2 ohm resistor
  • 1- Allen wrench
  • 1- Speaker logo
  • 1- Owner's manual
  • 1- Magnepan shaped pink noise test CD


Save all packaging. If you need to transport the speakers, they can be shipped safely only in the original packaging. You may never have to return your loudspeakers, but should the occasion arise, they should not be shipped in any packaging but the original. Should you discard it, packaging is available.

Installation and Adjustments

  1. Install the feet on the CC Speaker Stand as shown in Fig. 1.
    Fig. 1

  2. Using the 3 Phillips screws supplied, install your Magneplanar center channel speaker on the CC Speaker Stand as shown in Fig. 2.
    Fig. 2

  3. Adjust the angle of tilt of your center channel speaker by turning the Adjustment Screw shown in Fig. 3 to achieve the desired angle.
    Fig. 3
  4. Whenever possible, place the CC Speaker Stand and your center channel speaker equi-distance to the listener with your left/right Magneplanars.


  1. Connect your amplifier to the input at the bottom of the CC Speaker Stand (observing polarity).
  2. Using a short section of speaker wire, connect from the CC Speaker Stand output at the top of the CC Speaker Stand to your Magneplanar center channel speaker (observing polarity).

Phasing and Processor Settings

Set your processor on "large" center channel speaker. As an option, the center channel of the processor can be set on "small" with a crossover setting of 40-50 Hz.

As a precaution, we recommend that you check the phasing between the CC Speaker Stand and the Magneplanar center channel speaker by reversing the speaker cables to the center channel speaker. The shaped pink noise test CD included with your CC Speaker Stand will aid in confirming that the CC Speaker Stand is in-phase with your Magneplanar center channel speaker. A reduction in output in the 90-100 Hz peak will indicate an out-of-phase condition.

A technique for verifying phasing is shown in an example below. Lean over and position your head equi-distance between the Magneplanar center channel speaker and the CC Speaker. The left and right ears are equi-distance to the woofer and midrange speakers. Higher frequencies will appear to be up and lower frequencies will appear to be down. The 90-100 Hz peak, if in phase, will appear to be in the middle (and louder).

Using a multi-channel test disk, recheck the phase between the center channel speaker and the left/right speakers.

Fig. 4

Bass Attenuation

In the unlikely event that the CC Speaker Stand has too much bass relative to your Magneplanar center channel speaker, a power resistor can be inserted in place of the jumper. A power resistor of ___ watts should be used if attenuation is needed. Usually, 1 or 2 ohms is sufficient when attenuation is needed. Caution- Using low wattage resistors could result in overheating of the resistor with the risk of injury or in extreme cases-- fire.

Service and Shipping

In the unlikely event you need service for your CC Speaker Stand, we recommend you return it through your dealer. They are experienced in providing service and can assist you if the speaker must be returned to the factory. If you determine you need to return it directly to Magnepan, call for a return authorization and ship the speaker, freight prepaid to:

Magnepan, Incorporated

1645 Ninth St.

White Bear Lake, MN 55110


Include a note describing the nature of the problem and your return authorization number. Please include your name, address, and a daytime telephone number.


System Description: Planar-magnetic, DiPlanar woofer and center channel speaker stand.

Frequency Response: 50 Hz-5 kHz (wide-band response)

Recommended Power: See F.A.Q. on web site

Sensitivity: _____dB @2.83V/1 Meter/50 Hz

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Dimensions: 24Wx16Hx2D inches (Not including the top plate.)

Warranty: Limited 3-year to original owner

Shipping Weight: ___ lbs.

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