Introducing the MG2.7i

Introducing the MG2.7i

The return of one of Magnepan’s earliest creations, the “two” series!

The MG2.7i is a three-way speaker consisting of a foil bass and mid and a 40” True Ribbon Tweeter. The 2.7i can be thought of as an MG1.7i but with a True Ribbon Tweeter or an MG3.7i “lite.” In both performance and price it nestles perfectly between the 1.7i and 3.7i. Besides the Mini Maggies which are intended for desktop use, the MG2.7i is Magnepan’s smallest model with a True Ribbon Tweeter! As such it is perfect for use in smaller spaces or where the aspect ratio of our larger models isn’t quite desired.

MG2.7i’s can be purchased from a Magnepan Dealership for $5,995.00
The upgraded MG2.7x retails for $10,000.00
MG2.7i and 2.7x come standard with black or off-white T-feet; oval bases in black or off-white may be purchased for an additional $250.00

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